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Medina, MN Painters


Get only the best painter in the industry to remodel and repaint your home or business in Medina right at your doorstep. 

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Painter in Medina, MN

Since 1995, we at A&J Painting have proven the quality and efficiency of each of the services we offer. We are not just limited to painting your Medina home interior, but we have also grown to extend to several more areas of your home and business needs to serve you even better. We are committed to giving you professional workmanship that surpasses your expectations! 

Our company is a family owned and operated.  We take great pride in painting and taking care of your Medina home. 

We provide you with complete commercial and residential work. No job is too big nor too small for our painters. We have the skills to move from one type of job to another without hitches that only attest to our outstanding training. We are experienced enough to be able to find issues, suggest ideas and solve your repair or remodeling concerns.  

A&J Painting will put you at ease with each passing hour as you see your Medina home or office come alive right before your eyes! All you'll need to do is call us at 612-338-1981. 

Apart from the usual interior and exterior painting services, we also offer a wide array of renovation and remodeling work that suits your unique taste and style. A paint consultation may be done so you can discuss color ideas with us while we also guide you through the more technical side of the job and assist you with your questions.  Not only that, we also provide carpentry services! 

The company knows to respect your time so we will ensure that we arrive right at the agreed time and work thoroughly yet efficiently.  We will see to it that any surface not included in the contract will not be affected by our work. Not to mention we also perform a meticulous clean up at the end of the day.  

We at A&J Painting hold ourselves up to the highest of standards.  Get a free online quote for each service you need and we can easily walk you through the whole process.  

Don’t look anywhere else for a painter in Medina. We guarantee only the best and complete services as we attain your full customer satisfaction at the end of each job. 

Call us today at 612-338-1981 

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